Jamie Estes Martin

Profile Updated: April 27, 2009
Jamie Estes
City/State: St.George, UT USA
Spouse: Brian Martin
Homepage: myspace.com/jamelee26
Children: I have two kiddos, both girls......Aspyn who is 7 (born 2001), and Tearony who is 5 (born 2003). They More…are both super silly, and full of energy most of the time.
Yes! Attending Reunion
School Memory:

My favorite school memories pretty much all have to do with band. Which sounds so dorky, but what can I say.....there were a lot of fun people in band. I will never forget going to the Days of 47 parade when it was around 99 degrees in SLC that summer. We had to wear those heavy uniforms and we all thought we were going to die in the heat. YUCK!! It was so worth it though!! Please stand up if you were a band dork....GO BAND!!


Ok.....so I am pretty much freaking out that it is all ready our 10 year reuion and I am even more horrified that my highschool picture is posted because obviously I had some kind of obsesion with brow pencil that year (thanks a lot Aunt Kris!!). I was visiting with a friend the other day and she mentions how she can't believe that it is going to be her 5 year and I busted up laughing. When I told her it was my 10yr her jaw just hung open, it was priceless.
So for the last 10 years what have I been doing? Who knows, but it sure goes by fast. I will have been married for 8 years in May, and I couln't love my husband more. I have spent these 10 years taking care of my kids, shooting photography on the side, playing (ie camping, hanging at the lake, and my newest obsesion-wakeboarding), oh and for the last 4 years running a haunted house with my hubby (and yes this takes up more time in a year then you would think). I got a tattoo last year, which I have been waiting to do forever (sorry mom), and I can't wait to get another one. I am generally busy with friends, fam, and just life. I have lived in St.George all but 9 months since I graduted, I just like this area. Well thats about it.

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Dear Lord I am so sorry that I was a little to into makeup my senior year, AAAHHHHH!!!!
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